Imagine a business

Where you achieve everything you desire

Where you don't stay in the way of your success

Where there is no self-sabotage

Or procrastination.

Imagine creating a business that feels good for you.

Imagine a life

Where you have the freedom to choose how to show up

Where you have the wealth, financial freedom, and healthy relationship with money you desire

Imagine a world

Where feel spoiled and supported by money

Where you give and receive money with pleasure

You feel worthy and deserving of the money

You have a powerful influence on the world

You become more magnetic in attracting clients

You feel confident showing up and selling

And where you have access to all your inner resources.

The Invitation

The safe and sacred space I'm inviting you in is a 90 mins Intensive Hypnotherapy Session where we work with the one place where there are all the sources of the blocks standing in the way of creating the business of your dreams.

The Subconscious Mind.

These blocks are hidden in your subconscious mind, so to create the change you want, you need to uncover their root causes and rewire them.

How do we do this?

Personalized rewiring - This is not a program that gives you a generic money healing process - We will use your Human Design map, your gifts, and shadows to inspire the creation of your personalized money rewiring process, as long as rewiring hypnosis that I will create for you for this journey specifically. This will ensure that you get the exact support you need.

We don't only take into account your blocks, but your resources too. We'll look at your Human Design chart and bring forth the hidden strengths that will help you speed up your healing journey.


What is the result?

You walk away with the understanding of what is in your way - what the roadblock is and the tools to remove it.

Who can benefit from Money-Mindset Healing Intensive

If you keep repeating the same money patterns all over again, then hypnosis is for you.

If you feel stuck at the same financial level in your business.

If you tried other types of therapy/coaching/mentoring and they didn't work, hypnosis is for you.

If you want to change your spending habits

If you want to feel good and supported by money

If you want to feel more connected with your mission and purpose

If you desire to have a powerful influence on the world

If you want to become more magnetic in attracting clients

If you want to feel confident showing up and selling

Hypnosis gives you access to your inner resources.

And the benefits are long-lasting.

What can I expect during our session?

The hypnotherapy session lasts for 90 mins and consists of two parts: hypnosis and therapy.

1. Therapy is the part where we work with the conscious mind, our daily mind, the critical mind that handles our thoughts, and is the one that is associated with our desires.

This introductory part is formed of the next steps:

A. Establish the Goal: we will look at the behavior that you want to change, and then structure this change as a goal that you will want to achieve.

B. Examine the Current Reality: we will examine what is happening now in your life, considering your starting point

C. Explore the Options: next, we will determine what are all of the possible options for reaching your objective

D. Establish the Will: I will help you establish your will and boost your motivation for you to commit to specific actions to move forward toward your goal

2. Hypnosis is the part where we work with the subconscious mind, the mind that handles our emotions and motivation, the one that decides if it helps us or prevents us from fulfilling our desires depending on the stories that run there.

A. The Induction

The induction is the relaxation part of the process that leads to hypnosis. You will be aware of everything around you and will hear everything I am saying.

I will use techniques that are safe but may entail many different types of language to find out what works best for you.

The induction can happen fast or take up to 20 minutes. Everyone is unique.

After the induction is complete, I will ask a series of questions to determine the state of hypnosis you’re in.

B. The Session

During the actual therapeutic session, the work takes place. Led by your answers and responses you gave in the beginning, I will begin with the changes you want to make. The language used will be specific to the change you described.

You won’t want to run around the block without clothes on. You won’t have an urge to rob a bank. If you are seeking help to quit smoking, you won’t become a vegan when the session is over.

Those myths are some of the misconceptions people have about hypnosis. The truth is, I am a caring individual who is guiding you through your specific change process in your subconscious mind.

With your permission only, I will give you a post-hypnotic suggestion (PHS) that is a trigger that specifies an action after you leave. PHS is a benefit to you for when your session ends or to use between sessions to help make you change faster and deeper.

C. Transition to Awakeness

When I feel you explored your subconscious mind and completed your change work, I will start to bring you out of the trance. It will be a gentle and slow process.

I will be watching you closely to make sure you are coming out of the trance without any issue. Don’t worry, the issue we, as hypnotherapists encounter, is that the clients are so relaxed in a pleasant state they don’t want to come back! If this happens to you, I will gently help you with your process until you are fully out of the trance.

I will assess your mood and ask you some more questions. You will feel relaxed and the change work you did will start to manifest.

D. After the Session

I may suggest you schedule another session or I will provide you with more tools to use at home. I will explain what I did and the techniques I used so you feel safe and comfortable. You will get an MP3 recording of the session within 24 hours to listen to afterward.

It’s important to do any post-session work that I ask you to do or schedule another session if we will both agree that the pattern you want to change needs more work.

About Me

Hi, my name is Andreea!

As an International Subconscious Therapist and Coach, my purpose is to help people shift their life and business by shifting their subconscious minds.

I've worked with hundreds of spiritual women entrepreneurs all around the globe helping them make real changes in their finances and create the business they desire.

I felt stuck too.

I tried talk therapy, dream therapy, art therapy, reiki for multiple years, and I still had the same challenges:

I kept attracting the same unavailable partners.

I had the same financial plateau.

I still experienced low self-esteem.

I remember that time of my life perfectly.

Feeling disappointed after trying so many things.

Feel that there is something wrong with me.

Feeling that I will never have the financial freedom, loving partner, and fulfilled life I desire.

Until I found Hypnosis.

As for my training,

I have a BA in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Business Psychology. And that helps me provide support both for your life and business.

I also have certifications in:


Dance Therapy

Art Therapy

Personal Development Counselling

Access Consciousness

Inner Child Therapy


Watch Emma sharing her experience after practicing a Higher Self Hypnosis with me.

Discover Gabrielle's story on how she unblocked her next level of wealth.

Watch Anna sharing her experience around how her relationship with money and abundance changed in our work together.

Watch Ashley being in a Hypnosis Session and meeting the best version of herself

Discover Ashley's experience after the Hypnosis

Watch Sophie sharing she full experience after trying a Hypnosis for rewiring money beliefs with me

Watch Rashmita expressing her feelings after experiencing a Inner Child Hypnosis and unblocking a childhood trauma

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

If you are unsatisfied with your coaching, reach out to me to see if your purchase is eligible for a refund.

How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon purchasing coaching, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your appointment.

Can I purchase coaching more than once?

Absolutely! If you find yourself in need of coaching more than once, simply purchase the coaching again.